Infrastructure & Solution Provider with a focus on Startup's, Indie's & Small to Medium sized Enterprises
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In a nut-shell, what is it we do?

  • We provide Infrastructure solutions to cater to the needs of Indie Startup’s or Small to Medium sized Studios
  • We are Full-stack Developers of applications, tools, platforms & services (across desktop, mobile, console, backend systems & block-chain)
  • We are focused on the Gaming & Block-chain industries


A bit more

A bit more specifically…

  • Consultancy
  • Managed Infrastructure & Hosting
  • Technical Support
  • Developer Support
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Full Stack Application Development
  • DevOps/LiveOps/SecOps
  • Community Support

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The Social Hub – Community Network

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We’re building a new network & Platforms for indies. 

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New Online Presence

We’re scaling up! – please be patient – lots to do!

Domain & Identity Services

We are taking a hybrid approach to a better, more secure, freerer internet backed by decentralization & block-chain technologies working in tandum with Legacy DNS & TLD’s we are creating a bridge between the ClearNet (internet) & the Identity Network, our new system to manage Domain & Identity ownership. 

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Infrastructure, Platforms & Development

When it came to understanding our clients and solving for their various needs over the years we found that there is no single system, integration or platform that can do it all. Those that came close often abuse our trust or come with a price tag and vendor lock-in.

We’ve examined our successes – and our failures – learned that in order to give everyone the best overarching solution – we had to have something truely open, free, non-restrictive and end-to-end secure while at the same time didn’t try to monitize or up-sell you features most considered should be out-of-the-box.

Few solutions exist that dont tie you to some vendor or monitise your data either – creating bottlenecks, ineffecencies & dependencies most don’t realize exist – or even if they do – often under-estimate to what extent.

All things considered we don’t see why it has to be that way.

To that end we have taken Open Technologies, Platforms & Standards and rebuilt them to offer our out-of-the-box system, integrations & platforms that you can scale from personal to enterprise without compromising on security, privacy or more.

Get Connected with Us

The Cloud is our cloud service for Mobile, Desktop & Web & members get early access to cool stuff!

Additionally, we shy away where possible from using any technology we do not have control of user data, such as google services, dropbox & others. We put that back in the hands of the user.

Our cloud is designed for our needs & the needs of our community and it is at the edge of our day-to-day activities.

When our cloud service fully launches we will be positing to replace Google as the defacto standard for Online Presenence Management, Monitoring, Tracking, Security, Collobreration & more.

We believe in the power of Open Source & Open Communities

Join the Social Hub

The Social Hub is where we can experiment, try new things but is also the front facing and social side of our community. 

We shy away where possible from using any technology we do not have control of user data, such as facebook, instagram, twitter. We put that back in the hands of the user.

Our Social Network is designed for our needs & the needs of our community and it is essentially the ‘face’ of our company. 

We invite you to join us and participate in early-access events, see news, videos & everything else we’re doing. 

View the Code

At the moment most of our work is private & kept internal but will be published soon. 

In the mean time we invite you to take a look at our Public Repro’s or Sign up and host your own project. 

Be aware this isn’t a traditional GitLab installation (like on – we are rebuilding DevOps on the Block-chain and GitLab CE is an integral part of that. Inc Website Launch

We are getting our online presense up and running – curious what stage we are at? 

Our Office

1312 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
Vancouver, BC Time

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