Technologies Inc

We are a privately owned Corporation, registered and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, focusing on fullfilling client contracts around Infra, DevOps, Automation & Development

We build and manage Infrastructure, Create Websites, Software, Services & Apps & manage Source Code Control, SEO, ASO, Marketing, Analaytics and more

Infrastructure Services

That help you to build and Manage your Infrastructure, On Prem or In the Cloud


DevOps & Automation

That help to Automate, Manage and Operate Systems at Scale


Apps, Web, Mobile Development

Across all stacks from C, C++, C# and Java/Scala/.Net to Python, PHP, JS/Node & more


Complex Pipelines:

That help you to co-ordinate People, Resources, Developer & Assets


Core Systems

Built around Source Code Control, Kubernetes & the Cloud

Manage your Online Presence:

Marketing, Analytics, SEO, Web/App Development, BigData, AI


We take Complexity & Break it Down

Weekly Reports, Face to Face Meetings



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