Infrastructure is our thing

We like to focus on core Infrastructure & the technologies that enable us to build solid foundations our customers can rely on and scale from.

On-prem, Hybrid or Cloud – we can build out to suite your needs while taking care of best practices, security, automations and can advise you at any scale while working with your existing teams.

Our development model is based on building functional & reactive systems using approaches like treating Infrastructure as Code, using DevOps & automated testing, Team Support, Team Operations and Team Collaboration

Developers for Hire

With over 25 years of software development experience from small to enterprise scale – we can take on any project, big or small and work either alone or in collaberation with existing teams.

We build for Blockchain, Server, Deskop, Mobile, Web & Console and can also target Integrated Devices for IoT needs, home automation or embedded systems.

End-to-end full stack agile development ecosystems backed by a ressilient cloud, source code control, project management and cloud platform and agile methodologies.

We work with all modern language stacks ranging from C or C++, C#, F# & Other .NET Platforms, Go, Java, Scala and glue or interpreted systems like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Python and most popular frameworks with a large network of experienced developers, managers and producers to source talent from.

Establish & Secure your Presence Online

Your domain name is your identity on the internet. Select from 50+ domain extensions – from the most popular .COM and .NET to .io, .xyz & others. 

Easy to use, no Frills with Hepsia

Your domain name is your identity on the internet. Select from 50+ domain extensions – from the most popular .COM and .NET to .io, .xyz & others. 

Web Hosting Packages

Control everything down the line from your Website, Databases, Email to managing developer access & SSH, SFTP or Git. Build from scratch or host based on popular Joomla, WordPress and other open source frameworks. 

VPS Plans

If you are searching for an alternative to the shared hosting service, then check our VPS plans. Get all the advantages of a dedicated hosting server, but in an insulated environment, working independently from the others on one physical server.

Dedicated Plans

Operate heavy resource-requiring websites & online/offline applications.

We offer robust hardware configurations, a rock-solid network, dedicated IP address with plentiful data storage space, monthly bandwidth & RAM memory allowances for your growing demands.

Each and every dedicated server is backed up by a 99.9% uptime service-level agreement and is configured for you for free.

Cost Effective Hosting

Domain management, Hosting, VPS, Semi or Full Dedicated Instances Technologies Inc

We are an open & inclusive organization run by developers & business owners who work together to solve common problems

Do you want to contribute?

We rely mostly on the efforts of volunteers, Open Source Developers, Students , Freelance developers, contributers & fans to make things run

Source Code Control

Based on the popular GitLab but developing for the needs of modern Independent Developers – join free

Got a project? question or idea?

Fill out the form, describe a little about your project and we’ll get back in touch – honestly, the process is easy and you’ll talk to a developer not a sales or marketing person.

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