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The Helium Network

Just like you use the Internet for downloading movies, doing work, playing games and keeping up with your friends, devices, like phones, sensors, smart plugs, alarm systems and much more need an internet of their own in order to tell what is happening in the world around us in real time.

A Helium Hotspot ‘listens’ for ‘data’ from the environment, sent from tiny low powered sensors built into pretty much everything, from parking meters to dog collars – these sensors transmit their packets, over LoRa which the Hotspots hear and send across the internet to where it needs to be.


This data can be anything from a smart watch sending health information from joggers or hiker passing by, to a gps tracker in a truck, or a smart Bee Hive in the community garden near you.


Things like temperature, humidity or weather data, where your drone is, or dog, sensors for anything else can think of. The Helium Network is built of clusters of Hotspots deployed by hosts all over the world. It’s safe, secure and helps to generate a passive income for you while providing business’s like us with the ability to build the new Internet of Things.

When you become a Hotspot Host on the Helium Network, we send you a device, professionally install it and maintain it, optimize it over time and for that, we all benefit.

The Numbered Company

A Registered Corporation in BC, Canada – we don’t have a name, just a number- but we call ourselves NoCo or just ‘The Numbered Company’.

This is because, we want to put the emphasis on you, the person, the individual, the business, the software, the service, the idea, the innovation you have. We want to build a community that supports each other. If Helium is the People’s Network, NoCo, aim, to be The People’s Company. Aiming to adopt Decentralized solutions that share the rewards with its members

Wsad.io Technologies Inc

Our World is getting more connected every day, we are on the verge of a new evoluation in the our existence as a species where the Digtial World and the Real World will collide – and what we today know as ‘real’ and as ‘online’ will be truely one and the same. Right now, we are tied to our phones, laptops, computers and devices – but that is very fast changing, with the advent of AI, AR, VR, Iot, Blockchain, Cryto and Decentralized Solutions around IoT Telemetry, LoRa, 5g and more converging – we are about to see changes in our lifetime, that would before take generations.

We focus our efforts around solutions that aim to build a more connected, sustainable, smarter and decentralized world.

The Numbered Company

Helping to deploy Helium Coverage across North America & Europe. 

BC #129659, NoCo, or simply – the Numbered Company, is a Registered For-Profit Corporation based out of Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

NoCo is focused on deploying Helium Hotspots, creating an Open Community and supporting businesses adoption of  Helium Infrastructure, Software and Services.

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