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Wsad.io are a small technology company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

We would like the chance to tell you more about us!

Deploying The Helium Network

Businesses, Governments, Communities & Developers are adopting the Helium Network as their choice for IoT, allowing them to focus on what matters, the device, app, service and experience.

Startups are deploying fleets of sensors across the globe, building technologies that focus on solving Real World Challenges, building Smart Cities, Smart Devices – the future of IoT is here.

We see ourselves as the glue between both – helping others to take advantage of the Helium Network by providing Consultation, Development and other services around IoT and helping to unlock its value at scale.

Smart Cities, the Metaverse, Digital Worlds, VR, AR, BigData are merging and they will need devices in the environment that help us to understand our world better. The Helium Network transits that data from ‘device’ to ‘the internet’ via ‘hotspots’, which listen for Data and participate in Proof of Coverage. 

Future of IoT

The Helium Network is the future of the Internet of Things & with over 600,000 hotspots currently online and growing everyday; Helium is set to continue to dominate Decentralized Infrastructure for IoT solutions, which, will power the future of Web 3.0 & the Meta.

Helium paved the way to powering a smarter, global, Data Driven Future – not just for Sensor data over LoRaWAN, but 5g too. 

The Community is built, development, managed by regular people, enthusiasts and businesses around the world, supported by DeFi, the Cryto Community and many others but for the most part it is people like you, me and regular business driving this adoption, not a single entity. 

That’s why it’s called ‘The People’s Network’

The Peoples Network

Businesses are moving away from traditional legacy infrastructure relying mostly on Bluetooth, Wifi, 3g, 4g, gsm & private LoRaWAN to the Helium Network because it allows them to focus on creating the device, not worrying to much about how the data gets from the device to the internet. 

Helium, who’s global adoption & Decentralized Blockchain approach have unlocked the key to creating a global IoT Infrastructure Revolution ahead of any corporate entity that would seek to monetize it & lock most folk out; enables product developers to create devices that are no longer constrained by bluetooth, wifi & other limitations present today.

With that barrier removed we have the ability to bring some great innovations into the market.  

Are you a Business, Government or Organization interested in learning how to get started with Helium and IoT development? – please reach out. 

Wsad.io Technologies Inc

Here, at Wsad.io – we look forward to creating great products & solutions that utilize the Helium Network while continuing to help to deploy & expand it’s coverage & share the wealth by seeking to find hosts in locations where we are active.

We equally look forward to seeing what else others are creating & further other people’s efforts through Consultation, Training or Development help where we can. 

If you would like assistance on your next project please don’t hesitate to talk to us.