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Something brought you here.

That something you had in mind right before you arrived, the Idea, the question, that query, or concept, that curiosity or problem that ended in you being here right now – it’s important to us. It really is. 

so, be it by accident or sheer randomness, or bad marketing on our part – or good – you’re here now, let’s not let that opportunity go to waste. 

We’re human and we love to work with others using science, technology and a healthy dose of humility to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions that we hope really matter.

When you arrived, we felt opportunity knock. 

A Little about us

We are a registered corporation in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and focus on finding new and innovative ways to use technology to give more value back to regular people.

Working around Global Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Cloud, we are involved in Global Decentralization, Blockchain & Crypto technologies and believe the future is in the Internet of Things, in empowering people to make their own decisions and giving them the tools to do so and creating smarter, more sustainable environments and ecosystems. 

VFX and Gaming Industries are important, as well as AI, BigData and Analytics – but so is humanity, humility and social responsibility.

We believe that by working across a wide array of industries with a wide array of people we can find more ways of bridging divides and building relationships, giving us more ways to solve more problems for more people.

What we do

That depends on you. What you need.

We are happy to work with individuals as well as companies on products, services or projects that you care about, be it to help conceptualize or implement an idea or develop and help put into production some prototype.

We have a vast array of expertise and a wide network of relationships to draw on and help see it done, we see our role as helping you to unlock the potential of technology and relationships, whatever the sector.

Infrastructure is not cloud, networks, the internet or computers, servers and datacenters, nor is it software or services – it’s people. It’s the trust and relationships that we build and the reliance and mutual dependence we foster; working toward a common goal, knowing we have the same ultimate end in mind, even if the path’s differ or diverge many times to get there, it is to build a better world for us all. Technology, in all its forms, plays a crucial role as do those who are the creators, designers and architects of these systems.

Everything we think of as infrastructure is built around the needs of people, real people, we try to keep that in mind and remain humble.

Who we are

We consist of people from different walks of life, different skill sets, and different viewpoints, working toward a common goal.

That goal is to make positive change in the world through our work while also carving out a nice comfortable niche ourselves, to do what we love to do – continue to work with bleeding-edge technology and around creative and highly motivated people who believe we can achieve more together.

We are developers, marketing professionals, sales gurus and artists, hackers, crackers, and like you looking for the next thing… the next disruptive change.

The way for us to be apart of great things is to be a part of great things

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Have Questions?

We always want to improve, make things better, reach more people and solve more problems – but like you, we’re human and make mistakes and are finding our way, trying to carve our niche.

What is important to us is;  can we, learn, continue to move on, make progress and avoid repeating mistakes while learning to break new ground.

The best way to all round success is to ask questions. Many of them.

If you have a question about our site, services or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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