Decentralized Internet!

Common Questions by potential members!

  • Surely it’s impossible!
  • Surely it’s a lie!
  • Surely it’s crappy! slow!! insecure!!!
  • Surely it’s illegal, at least immoral!
  • Surely it’s run by a bunch of black hat hackers after our credit card numbers and our data!

But we have to keep reminding everyone, we are NOT your regular Internet Service Provider!

It’s Possible. It’s Real. It’s Reliable. It’s Fast. It’s Secure. It’s Legal. It’s Moral. We don’t need your Credit Card and we don’t need your data.

5G Mobile & Data

Find out more about our 5G Mobile Internet Packages coming soon!

The Internet of Things

How much technology do you interact with every day? 

Think about your Phone, your TV, your Electric Cooker, the Microwave, Kettle, Doorbells, Keyfobs, the Car, Truck or Electric Bike. Your Bank’s ATM machine, your local store’s payment machine, your businesses’ security key fob or your home garage opener. Think of your Credit and Debit Cards, every time you interact with someone in an office that asks for Identification or your Social Security Number, Passport, recent bill or license. The lights and heating in your home. The Traffic Lights on the Roads. The Geotrackers on Cats, Dogs, Bears, Deer…. People – hiking into remote locations.

Smart Watches that monitor your health, security camera’s that follow your every move and know who you are and can identify you from the way you walk, talk, interact and aim to keep you safe. Tesla and Google Self Driving Cars, robot pet’s that entertain us, robot animal’s designed for war.

Water Monitors, World wide weather and gps mapping, agriculture sensors and automated devices, robotic industrial automation.

That’s just now – imagine the next few years? – Unlock the value of Data, see what IoT can do for you!


Decentralized Wifi

Isn’t it annoying when your out in the real world and have no Data on your phone, there isn’t a single public hotspot that you can connect to – and even if you could, you wouldn’t trust it. Or, as a business, you have the local IT guy or some russion’s trying to ‘hack your wifi’

Or what about those silly SSID’s you gotta set up, “OEM-1234-5G’ or ‘PrettyFlyForWiFi’ and codes like ac4ec286a, oh wait, in CAPS’s and security like WPA, WPA2, WPA3 and decide on AES, DES or to hell with it just click the ‘smart connect’ button and hope for the best.

What about that limited range huh? is it 150m, 300m? what’s the difference between 2ghz and 5ghz? what are all these channels? – should I set up repeaters or some kind of mesh? – what if I want to provide a guest account, manage IoT devices? tweak QoS? manage DNS, DHCP, how many clients can connect before it all falls down. 

Private, Secure VPN

Decentralized VPN Network that combines Network Security, Blockchain Technology and a Sharing Economy to build Web 3.0 Infrastructure and Ecosystem to accommodate Billions of users anywhere in the world.