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What is the Value of the Helium Network?

That’s the question you need to be asking yourself

The world is changing. A Data Revolution is Happening and it will be powered by the Internet of Things.

The Biggest problem any device developer meets is how do you get data from location A to location B. This involves some intermediate, C, who will receive the data from A and pass it along to B. Traditionally, this has been over Wifi, Bluetooth or other power hungry or constrained technology which added constraints restricting the vision of designers and developers to realize their visions while also adding great barriers to cost to get over them. To build a better future with Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Devices, we needed an Internet – for the – Internet of things.

This came in the form of the Helium Network – which has over 500k devices online right now across the globe in every major urban center, most cities and towns and is expanding still.

The Helium Network is a Low Powered, Long Range Public Internet for Devices of all kinds, which means, it’s not restricted to any vendor and anyone can build a device to run on it – just like anyone can connect to the internet. This one Global Standard and early mass adoption of Hotspot Owners across the world as well as serious business, cities, government agencies and even traditional legacy businesses switching over to build devices that utilized it as well as innovative startup’s paving the way.

Helium was built for a purpose. That purpose is to provide coverage. Proof of Coverage will go away, the earnings will continue to move toward Data only devices, so where then, does the value exist?

Business Adoption of Devices on the Helium Network

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A Hero's Journey

Every great story starts somewhere.

Why not with you.

The Helium Network is like the Internet – but not for your Laptop, Desktop or Phone – its for The Internet of Things – Devices that track things about the world, temprature, humidity, earthquakes, floods, snow, ice, storms, fires, alarm systems, cats, dogs, bears, deer, hikers who got lost, your package that got lost, home alarm systems, door bells, smart mail boxes, robots, science projects, smart cities and so much more.

This network is Public, can be used by anyone, including Businesses, Government, Schools… anyone. Just like the internet. 

We need to deploy Hotspots in Geographical Locations where we are tracking at scale, date about the world around us – and making it available to all, people, businesses, government. 

This is where you come in, be the hero of this story and help us change the world by deploying a Helium Hotspot in your area. 

What’s a Helium Hotspot?

The Ordinary World

Time to Get Real

We live on a big Rock. Called Earth.

Its not flat, or even round; nor is it floating through space on the back of a flying turtle.

This Rock we live on has a lot of water in liquid form; which is cool – its everywhere! – its literally flowing all over the place; we got some icy patches in the North and South regions, with just enough pieces of land sticking out we can walk on without getting wet; in a lot of places life is good. In others, not so much.

Despite all this access to water, fresh water is pretty rare, which is not so good, because we kind of depend on it alot.

We also have this mixture of gasses; held ‘down’ by the force of gravity.

It sustains millions of unique species of life, mostly thriving in ecosystems so complex we are only beginning to understand that they constantly hang in a delicate balance.

A lot of smart people worked it out. We should follow their advise and begin to change track things, make changes.

It is also well known (mostly) that we are hurtling though space at breakneck speed and our only other companion is a smaller but still big Rock; which, luckily is (at least for now) orbiting in a quite predictable and stable fashion.

We call it the Moon.

We sent a bunch of guys up there. They said it was pretty cool. We should go back.

Together with a range of other rocks we call planets (also cool), we spin around an even bigger fiery ball of gas (omg, so cool) called the Sun, which, you guessed it; is spinning and spiraling around the void of space with other gas giants, each with their own planets and moons all clumped together to form trillions of Galaxy’s.

But if you worry about something from another solar system hitting us, don’t worry, our sun is likely to blow up long before then and destroy us all first.

For now, as long as we don’t destroy the planet, we’re pretty safe; but we do need to get out there and figure out this space stuff, it seems, life is kind of precious.

Still, bigger stuff, like, nebula, supernova, black holes exist – and for some reason, no one really knows how all this stuff got there – though; we have some very good science that tells us some of it. 

Well, I say ‘we’, but the flat earthers… ya know. Turtles.

Inventing stuff is Cool.

Figuring out about the world around us is cool. Protecting the environment is cool. Using all that cool stuff to build devices that track things is cool. Measuring data and sharing that with people is cool. Stuff that can help humanity, solve complex problems, help us to sustain the precious Real World we live in, that’s pretty cool stuff.

Science is cool. Dark Energy is Cool. Quantum Physics is Cool. So are Simple Solutions to Real Problems that Scale.

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The Call to Adventure

Over the next few years – we intend to deploy at scale sensors of various kinds intended to help build a Smart World. 

Most of the time you won’t know the sensors are there, but, they will inform you of things that you need to know about. 

The first phase of this is deploying the coverage and support business adoption and education around Helium, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Web 3.0 and the future data driven smart world. If you are interested in helping us out, earning HNT while doing it and getting to know more about the world we live in, especially your own area – then Accept the Call to Adventure – be the hero you were born to be.

Help us change the world. 

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The Refusal

Oh, but I have no original idea’s… it’s been done before… that will never work… I don’t know where to begin…this helium stuff sounds nonesense

Please, don’t talk to us about self-douth; uhuh we’ve been there.

Look. You got this.

I know it would be easier to just Host a Hotspot or two, get some of that passive HNT, trade it, stake it, invest it or spend it – but if you run a business you need to be thinking about your data in a different way – about the internet of things in a different way. 

Solve a Problem and bring it to the people.

Turn the lights on. Light the fires, so to speak – and fill the web with ‘data’ from the Real World.

It’s time to Smartify the World around us, to empower better decisions, better businesses, smarter cities and smarter homes. 

Business Adoption will follow

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Finding a Mentor

Ok, so you have an idea, or the seed of one – and you are not sure where to begin.

Perhaps your not a programmer, or a designer – but you do understand what your trying to do.

Helium allows you to focus on building your innovation rather than worrying how you are going to get the device to communicate, send data or whatever it is it needs to do.

That is where the Helium Network Shines. It won’t help you to design your product but it helps bringing it to market on a globally adopted network, a larger audience to advertise to – if you can design it, build it, sell it and solve a problem while doing it you will make it a success. 

We just help with the grunt work of getting it from concept to reality. 

We provide help or advise on hardware, sensors, design devices for you, do the programming, prototyping or aid in research and development.

Where will you go when you need support?

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Crossing the Threshold

So, we know by now that your committed.

Your the kind of person who is driven to solve a problem. You know others probably have that problem too. Or that innovation you have in mind has some importance, or a market, or is just quirky and fun – but, what is holding you back?

Do you need a developer. Or cloud expert. Designer or Artist? – maybe all you are lacking is the right motivation. We got ya!

Developing a new product on the Helium Network is quite easy in terms of what technology is involved, what programming is necessary and how it all fits together – we would be happy to help you out with that – and the rest.

Beyond Helium we are experienced across a range of industries, from Infrastructure, Networking, Support and Troubleshooting, Retail, Sales, Finance, Medical, App Development, Web Development, Backend and Frontend Development, Product Development, Gaming, Blockchain, IoT, AR, VR, VFX, Bigdata, Cloud, DevOps.’s story began over 40 years ago and we bring a lot of experience to the table – but, the new world is in the hands of the new generation, as it should be – let us give you a leg up.

Once you are ready, prototyped, tested, worked out all the kinks, we can even help you to bring it to market.

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Tests, Allies & Enemies

You are determined. You are motivated. Your cool under pressure – but – you will be tested.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, you are faced with the same business challenges that anyone would be faced with, Helium Network or not. It’s time to focus, get down to business.

Your idea needs to be developed, tested, iterated on, talked about, improved. Consider who is going to use it, where it will be used, its environment and how it will be interacted with, what bad things may happen, Get the opinion and advice of others. You need a business plan, a business model and you probably need to go to the bank with that, or some investor.

Competition is out there too, it’s just the way it is and patent or not, your great idea is only yours for so long.

Do you need Allies? – someone to believe in your project?

We’d love to be on your side.

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Our Approach to stuff...

When you approach a problem? what do you do…

You think about it!

Well, that’s what we do too!

If you have a problem, we will think about it for you, or with you. It becomes our problem too. We apply our expertise, draw on our experience, combine different solutions and talk to the experts to get more insight.

We approach all of our projects with an open mind and are humble in the face of the wealth of experience others have within the community. Our goal, is to use what skills that ‘we have’ to help ‘you’ apply the ‘experience you have’ to create great ‘products’ on the helium network that have ‘Real World Application’.

We believe, firmly – that the future of innovation within the reach of everyone.

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Smarter, Data Driven World

Work Smarter, not Harder!

To make that happen, we need data. Data from devices out there in the real world.

The future of Web 3.0, The Metaverse, Decentralization and the Internet of Things will rely on the Helium Network to make a lot of it work.

Beyond Trading, Staking, Deploying Hotspots and worrying if the Validators will go down again, focus on the bigger picture. The world around you.

Every Legacy machine that is ‘dumb’ can be ‘made smart’. New devices we do not yet know exist will begin to emerge. When you track one Temperature reading, it may not be worth much to you – but to someone who needs it, its worth it.

Remember what Helium is all about

Helium is about providing the Coverage so that others can build great Products.

Another cool piece of technology, built on open source principles. You will always be able to deploy hotspots where you need them to be and with over 500k devices deployed and countless others coming online, at this point don’t even think about ‘will there be coverage’.

If the area you are deploying to has no coverage, the chance are, ‘there will be coverage soon’

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Return to Basics

We want to build out Business Adoption

Create Products, Services and help Educate people on the Helium Network, as well as deploy Hotspots to provide coverage, earn HNT, trade and the usual stuff.


The possibilities are exciting to us and we would love to be involved in your projects.


We understand, that the true value in the Helium Network is not mining HNT but in helping to innovate around ideas that may help to change the world for the better.


Do you want to live in a better, smarter, data driver world?

Hero's make a difference

and it is said, there is a hero in all of us….