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Easiest to Use, User Friendly

Surely the easiest to use, most user friendly, semi fool proofed Helium Focused Router EVER!


No One Asked for it, but Everyone Needed it, so we Did it!


99.9% of Wizards Agree

in our focus groups, which we hand picked & selected for agreeability – 99% agreed!


It works, right out of the Box

The ONLY Fully-Featured Helium Focused IoT Dedicated Router on the market today

BUNDELED with its own set of UI Elements, <button>’s, <input>’s and <div>’s GALORE!

We did it for you

this PRODUCT is the work of genius, the product of dedication, of LOVE
lots of late nights, unhealthy eating and long spans of time in idle procrastination

You ain't in Kansas no more

We didn’t just Re-Design, Re-Code, Re-Work & Re-Brand RaspAP!
NO! – ha! never! – we shamelessly forked & Re-Named it too!
check it out on github, Slap on your Pi, then…

Manage your Helium Hotspots with Ease!

Who says advertising doesn't work?

(ED: i’m not sure anyone actually said that…)

We couldn't have done it without you

but somehow did it anyway, so instead…

we would like to acknowledge the major contributors to this project!
– without whom, this project would have never been possible


boredom, idleness, unemployment & depression – you are my muse!

Buy it already!

You think this bandwidth is free?

honestly… some people, ya know

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Get Started For Free!

Our goal is to make sure that Helium Coverage Providers stay providing coverage all the time

No need to purchase unnecessary and often expensive – all you need is a spare PC, Laptop or Raspberry Pi

Managing your own Hotspot is always free!

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

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Gain Insights on Your Hotspot

Is my Hotspot Online? – what Block Height am I at? – am I in Sync? – am I earning? am I providing Coverage? how much Data am I using? Something is Wrong, how do I fix it? – that’s what HeliumAP is all about.  

That’s about it folks!

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