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Helium Hotspot Installation Service

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Running a Helium Hotspot is the same in many respects as running a professional communications tower. Except, it’s not run by professionals.

Most people that have a hotspot are looking to earn HNT over the ‘short term’ – and while it is true, the greatest earnings ‘per hotspot’ will be seen early, Helium – is a long game. 

Regardless, you want your hotspot running 24/7 and to last for years providing coverage and been rewarded for it. 

Beyond that, you need to worry about damage to your property, insurance should someone fall and other ‘not so happy accidents’. 

We’ve got you covered. 



Step 1: Quick Chat

Tell us your Address, Location, what Equipment you have, what the options are in terms of location and what your budget is.

We will then do some research and form a plan for you.



Step 2: The Plan

After letting you know what the options are as we see it, you make your choice and arrange a date for installation.

Leave the rest to us. 



Step 3: Site Plan

We Develop a plan for you based on what was decided and are ready when we turn up to do the install. 

The Plan includes either an online or onsite survey of your location, including, how we intend to increase your earnings and coverage. 


Site 4: Test & Deploy

On the installation date, we install the Antenna, Configure any networking, solve and issues on site we discover on the day. 

And don’t worry, when we leave, our job’s not done – we will happily offer after-support!


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About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

We have almost 40 years of experience in the I.T. Industry, from Telecommunications to Infrastructure, Software and Hardware Development, Game Development, Blockchain, VFX, DevOps, We’ve seen it all. 

But we haven’t spent all our time behind desks! – no! – we have been up towers, in buildings, on roofs, in gutters, sewage pipes, drains, wind, rain, snow. 

Our wide array of experience and contacts over the years from Construction, Roofing, Tape and Jointing, Carpentry, Electrical Work, 3D Print, Design, Manufacturing, Electronics allows us to take on any job, big or small, from a Home Owners house who wants the install done cheap, quick, tidy and the installers to be professional, courteous and respectful to a Business who needs people who understands what their talking about, can cut to the bottom line and who’s experience and advice can be relied on.  

From our own perspective, we are heavily invested in the future of IoT in Canada and beyond and we need a healthy, stable, reliable, always there Network Network and we would love for that reason, if nothing else, to help with your installs. 

We can take care of Roof, Side of Building, Erection of Mast or Pole, Off Grid Installs, Business, Farm, Agriculture and City Wide. Help arrange to get on BC Hydro Poles, Telecommunications towers and are familiar with dealing with Cities, government, permits and paperwork. 

Beyond that, we are experienced developers on the Blockchain, along with general IoT solutions, sensors and active Cryto-Traders and have a good handle on the current trends – so while we have opinions, we’ll try not to talk a lot of crap at you! – we usually know what we’re talking about… usually. ;D