We’re on YOUR Team

We view great idea’s as belonging to the world, thus, when we hear your great idea’s and you ask us to work on them – we think – let’s give it our best shot and throw everything we have into it

See your idea go from concept, prototype, development, testing, production and then evolve over time into something that could perhaps change the world!

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Website? IoT? mOBILE App Development

Let us take care of the difficult part, you focus on the problem at hand and the service you wish to create 

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Roadmap & Strategy

Keep things on track with regular communication, updates through our DevOps, CI and CD processes. 


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Backend & API Development

From AWS, Google, Azure or hosted in a Data Center, we understand infrastructure from bare metal, storage, hosting, databases, api’s and can build your stack


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User Centric Experiences

We believe that Technology should Serve Us and the User Experience shouldn’t be Frustrating or Inconvenient

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Wsad.io Professional Support

There when you need it, simple as that. 



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Cloud and Data

Data is at the heart of Web 3.0

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End to End Pipeline to track bugs, iterate on features

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Quality Control

Industry Best Practices

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Traditional Infra, BlockChain

Wherever you need to go, we’ve been there before

WSAD.io Technologies