Covid 19 Support for Business

Are you struggling to retain customers and scale your business during this covid-19 epidemic?

how do you work with staff? keep communicating with clients? do you use video? voice? is your website geared for that? – maybe now you need a CRM – is digital marketing and social networking more important to you now? – do you see costs soaring?

Keep calm and Simplify. We really are in this together. 

Let us get you started by offering our cloud platform to build on

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Your entire presense online relies on your domain name for many things, such as SSL Termination, Search Engine Optimization, Email & Communication and of course, web site hosting. 

If you host your domain with us we can provide you a range of services and features out of the box that you need to pay for elsewhere, such as – unlimited emails, unlimited subdomains and additional domains and more. 

You are free to manage your domains your way via your management panal with no restrictions or limitations. 

Unlimited Website Hosting

Don’t worry about how much space or bandwidth your website uses. We give you unlimited space and plenty of bandwidth. 

Host your domain or domains, be a reseller, access your VPS Shell via SSH, FTP and create as many databases as you need. 

Unlimited Communication

Other providers limit how many email accounts you can have, or how much disk space they have available – we say – give it all away for free. 

In addition we also provide VoIP solutions, Video and Screen sharing solutions and provide a full stack customizable cloud platform for you to run as a private intranet for internal communications, a public portal or a hybrid – you can even be part of a Federated Social Network.

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