It’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’. Like most consumer electronics – your hotspot may eventually fail.

When devices are kept in good condition, taken care of, housed correctly and their operating environment considered – they can last for many years, actually much much longer – but most regular folk are not on the level of professional’s who have to handle gear that costs many thousands of dollars and take care of it.

Laptops fail, computers fail, the average shelf life of a Laptop or Desktop Computer is 3 to 5 years in the hands of a consumer and those things are kept out of the wind, rain and not exposed to the elements! – The average mobile phone 1 or 2 years and is prone to accidents and rough handling.

Your hotspot is no different.

It is made from consumer electronic parts, such as the Raspberry Pi, or customer made solutions by manufactures such as Nebra – who – lets be honest, don’t have a fantastic track record. Many of the larger suppliers, like BobCat – are new to the game and lacking in customer service skills and because of the nature of the Blockchain, Cryptography and the way of the project, most IT Vendors won’t have much of a clue what to with your hotspot nor will they offer support.

Do you trust a stranger who know almost nothing about Helium with your earnings? With tour private keys?

Should you ask them to repair it, unlike your computer, phone or other networking gear, Network Equipment often require the Professional – be it the smart kid down the road, that family member that ‘knows things’ or the local Business or Service provider that you trust to get it right – but here, there is more at stake, it’s not a Network Router, Wifi Access Point or Switch that you can just ‘throw away’.

It is a source of Income, a revenue stream and even beyond that, others may be depending upon your coverage in your area.

If your hotspot needs repair, rehousing, upgrading or optimization – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We would have happy to look at your issue and give it the professional attention it deserves.