You want to get the best out of your hotspot, earn as much HNT as you can – but this requires the optimal installation.

Advise is free and plenty online, but at the end of the day, you are left to do the work – which is great, if you are into DIY and know what you are doing. After a while, when you are done playing, all you want to do is earn in a passive manner as much HNT as you can and provide the best possible coverage to the network, so you can go about doing other things in your life.

Line of sight, Height, Antenna Choice, Cable Length and Type, Network Quality and many other factors such as other people’s installation’s in your area, all effect the amount of earnings in HNT. Optimizing your antenna week over week when you don’t know what you are looking for can be tedius, time consuming and error prone.

We offer professional hotspot installation in any environment, home, business, strata, apartment, college campus, park or offgrid with no power or internet easily available. If you need to get the best installation possible for your area, talk to us and see what we can do