Introducing – Social Hub

The Flexible

Social Network Platform

Join our Network and get a taste of the platform – then go Build your Own! Social is the perfect platform to build, run & maintain your community, business or enterprise social network.

Establish your brand, build an audience and use that inertia to build on long term. 

For larger communities & enterprises build on top of the platform and customize to suit any need!

  • Social Networks or Intranets
  • Secure your own users data away from prying eyes
  • Your in control!

Flawless Collaboration

Our Platform runs great across Desktop & Mobile devices and in most modern browsers.

Native applications for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux & BSD platforms ensure that no matter what system your users are on – you can accommodate them. 


Simple, Familiar, Mobile

We focused on providing you what you needed – without the bloat.

Keep your users happy & your network engaged


Seamless real-time integration across all devices. Just as you would expect.

And if that’s not enough, install apps or build your own

World-Class Productivity

Events, Groups & Spaces, Messages, Galleries, Posts & Custom Content. 


Time is Money

Save yourself thousands of hours of work & developer hours, build on an open platform.

See Results quickly

Watch your network come alive and your users grow – add meaninful content with ease!

Features Social Hub

Open Source

Built on top of HumHub – Hub is putting a new twist on social


Everything you need out of the box and if its not, build it quickly!

Familiar UI

Your community is already familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & others – they’ll love us!

Clean Code

Maintained by an active community of developers with a passion for all security, good design & flexibility


User & Developer Documentation, Support Forums, Wiki’s & more

Free Updates

We will never charge for updates!

Stay Connected to users

Available for the App Store & Play Stores – connect to your social network across all devices!

Modify the source code, reconfigure, re-brand, recompile, re-release, really easily – really own your network. 


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