Host a Helium Hotspot

The excitement and rush to deploy Helium Hotspots has led to a lot of scams, bad deployments, non profitable locations in overly dense area’s, difficulty getting hotspots optimized, overpriced resellers, lack of trust more.

We need to generate profit, provide coverage, and create software and services that benefit the community and wish to find a means of working with our hosts and others so we all have fun and profit along the way. We need to maximize the earnings while striking a balance between coverage and other factors while being able to adapt to changing needs and further our other business requirements and goals.

For us, a small business, for you, the host, for Helium, for everyone, it is in our best interests to be a picky about our selection of hosts and locations.

We are looking to deploy in select locations we can reach, with individuals who are serious, who will let us access so we can optimize and with individuals who are interested and willing to help expand the network with us.

It is a symbiotic relationship.