Understanding Data on Helium Hotspots

Learn about the data capabilities of Helium hotspots, how they work and how they are used to provide coverage and other services.

Understanding Proof of Coverage on Helium Hotspots

Learn about the concept of Proof of Coverage on the Helium Network and how it ensures the integrity and security of the network.

Understanding Validators, Solana and Helium

Learn about the role of validators in the Helium network, how they work in conjunction with Solana, and the benefits they bring to the decentralized network.

Understanding Hotspots on the Helium Network

In this article, we will explore the different types of hotspots on the Helium network and how they contribute to coverage and mining.

The Helium Discord Community: Connecting with the Helium Community

The Helium Discord Community is a great place to connect with other members of the Helium community and learn more about the network and its uses.

The History of the Helium Network: From Idea to Reality

The Helium Network has a rich history, beginning with its conceptualization in 2013, through its official launch in 2020, and its continued growth to this day. Learn more about the Helium Network’s past and its role in shaping the future of the Internet of Things.

Introduction to Helium HIPs and Governance

Helium’s governance is based on a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is run by its users. Community members can submit Helium Improvement Proposals (HIPs) for new features, changes, or improvements to the network, which are then voted on by the community.

Introduction to Helium Console

The Helium Console is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring the Helium network. It provides real-time statistics and data on the network, allowing developers and businesses to easily track and optimize their use of the network.

Introduction to Helium API

The Helium API is the backbone of the Helium network, providing developers with access to the network’s data and functionality. It allows developers to build applications and services on top of the network, and is a powerful tool for businesses and startups in IoT.

Introduction to Helium Blockchain

Dive deeper into the technical side of the Helium Network with this introduction to its blockchain. Learn about the consensus protocol and how it achieves decentralization, the role of the Helium token, and the unique feature of proof of coverage.