If you were a customer prior to Jan 2022

If you were a customer prior to Jan 2022, you may still require access to our legacy services to access your websites, panels and so fourth.

Please note, we are migrating to a more decentralized approach to Domain Registration, Hosting, Apps and so most these legacy services are reaching End of Life and will be discontinued by January 2023.

You should have received instructions how on this may impact you with steps to take going forward, if not, contact us

Wsad.io Technologies Inc host a number of domains on their servers, some for our own use, some for customers and organizations to communicate, others for automation or marketing reasons.

Although each web server usually uses the same underlining servers on our network and thus a similar configuration, you should ideally try and access your account through your own domain at https://admin.yourdomain.com – in case the domain administrator has configured some custom behavior.

Failing that, https://admin.wsad.io can be used to log into your account as hosted on our servers.

You will likely need your email to login or reset your password

Example user email youremail@yourdomain.com
Your account should then be

You can access your hosting panel directly from your desktop, phone or tablet with via Usermin.

If you are not sure of the configuration needed, see the previous tab. 

You can access the web panel at https://admin.yourdomain.com or https://admin.wsad.io

Should you have difficuties such as

  1. I Forgot my Username and Password. You should ask your domain administrator first. They will be able to reset it for you.
  2. I can’t ask my domain admin or I am the domain admin. Contact admin@wsad.io directly.
  3. Other technical issuesContact info@wsad.io
  4. For anything elseUse the Contact Form