Submitted final paperwork for Incorporation. Awaiting the BC Registry to check the name reservation ( technologies inc). 

Issuance of 100% shares to me at this point until the initial articles of incorporation are dealt with. About Seven more business days. After which I need to appoint various roles and start making serious decisions. 

So far the public cloud has been up and running and I’ve been footing the bill directly to keep businesses going. Despite my creative architecture, a pretty good and solid infrastructure needs to be built on something and that in itself costs money – and you pay for what you get – to keep it in a minimal viable state is running around 1.2k a month. It is alot to manage clients requests for customization and so fourth too, sucking into my time – specially with no end in sight to Covid-19. 

I decided to take a step back and take a look at the business models and see if I could sustain it and what other options for keeping it free are available and I’ve decided to build out a range of offerings typical of a Standard Cloud service provider  with competitive pricing models but to involve in the costs a ‘tax’ which goes toward helping to support to public infrastructure and keep the doors open. 

After official incorporation I’ll deal with the Tiers here on Patreon and then things will ramp up. 

Cloud Platform is up and running

Our Cloud platform is up and running. 

We will use it mainly as a support platform and testing ground for our fork of NextCloud which we used to build out the cloud platform.

We provide public, private clouds by connecting these with your domain and locking it down. 

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Pre-Covid 19 we all had other plans, including myself – and they didn’t including scrambling to help many of my clients get through this Covid-19 epidemic. No, I was going to start IGDN (which will come later). 

Many of my clients relied on Face to Face interactions with customers to survive. Many businesses do. 

Foot traffic is important. To retail stores, to offices, clinics, to schools and colleges. Even convenience stores, niche business, tattoo’s, hair dressers, construction companies, recruitment companies and the list goes on. 

Their entire work setup, online presence was geared for such and many didn’t need complicated SEO, Cloud frameworks, Websites, Apps, Chat services and such to compete. Some social media boosts and help form DMA could get you on the road to good fortune.

Now though things have changed. Many found themselves with their doors closed, their customers – and income – drying up.  They can’t talk to their customers, they can’t interact with them and they can’t stay engaged with them. 

On the same note, people were loosing their jobs and looking for work…

I had to do something – but I could either focus on a few people – or try a generic solution that could help some people and I found that most people (accepting I can’t help everyone) I could help the most people if I came up with an out of the box solution and bared the initial cost to entry – that cut their business costs down to almost nothing (in terms of IT) while also gearing them up (our cloud platform) for Online Work. It meant rejigging their business models and undoing some bad habits to get people understand how they need to connect with customers online and adjust their work practices (such as social distancing policies, remote work situations).

To help during this time we’re offing our services (professional, development and otherwise) to any business who needs it for free to help them survive and adjust during this time – however, there are other costs we can’t so easily bare the burden of and so I’m asking for some help. Surprisingly, it takes very little. 

Can you pledge to help future developers and students? Inc relies on crowd funding, community support & donations to help fund our extra efforts into supporting #students, #indiedev‘s and #localbusiness not only in Vancouver but other parts of the world too. 

We used to do this through our own personal efforts but decided to formalize it into a Patreon tier system.

We help business by providing free consultation’s which led to free hosting, free migration of existing web sites during transition and into their first year of life in post-covid-19, if it was needed – re-training of staff, re-development of software and installation of our cloud platform (which runs it all), source code control and remote work tools and more.

For developers & students we’ve given source code control, access to k8’s and other resources including project management tools. We want more developers and students to be able to unlock their potential and gain experience with more technologies in use in industry. This has unlocked students to continue to study and job hunt and some indie developers to keep their doors open as they lost their primary incomes. 

We’ve used community funds to develop a worldwide network of infrastructure that we use to provide access to resources to more developers, entrepreneurs and small business owners and students because we believe there should be a set standard for everyone.

Our network is expanding too more more launches coming soon in Eastern Europe, Russia and we have our sights on China too. 

For 3 dollars or more – you can support about 20 developers and 1 business or independent developer. As a company, we pooled our resources and your pledge makes it possible to sustain this from the short to medium term. 





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